I want you to greet Me at the door first on your hands and knees with the positions of your hands facing upwards to the sky.

Your head is bowed and kissing My feet adorned in thigh high boots. You ass up in the air for Me to smack with my riding crop into proper form.

I tell you to follow My boots to the bathroom. You scuttle across the floor in an eager to please type manner.

“Get in the fucking bathroom.”

“Yes Mistress!” Your quick response makes me smirk with satisfaction.

“I want you to undress completely, and fold your clothes nicely and neatly and put them in a pile over there in the corner of the bathroom. Then when you are done you are to assume the position by getting into the cold bathroom tub and lay on your back because today you will piss all over yourself in this position with your cock aimed at your mouth and also you will drink My pee as I squat over you.”

You nod in agreement. “As you wish Mistress”.

You feel how cold the floor of the bathroom tub is as you assume the position I demanded. You aim your pathetic erect cock at your mouth and I begin a countdown before you are allowed to pee. You miss some and I slap you on the face. “Get it right the first time you cunt.” You swallow some more of your piss and apologize with your eyes as you gag on your pee. I laugh loudly. I squat over you and begin to tease you that I need to relieve Myself so bad. You beg and beg and beg for My pee. “Bombs away!” You hear Me groan in complete and utter relief as I empty My entire bladder in your face. It splatters everywhere, gets up your nostrils and you try so hard to drink all of it, but you are practically drowning in My piss.

“You’re welcome nasty whore.” I spit on your cock and get out of the bathroom tub.

“Clean yourself up, put your clothes on and get out of My house.”

“Yes Mistress! Thank you Mistress… I… I can’t thank you enough.”

I slap you across the face again, hard. “Get out.” I said sternly.